Bizzy 2023

Help Us Upcycle 3 million Pounds of Spent Coffee Grounds

Open Innovation Challenge: 

Bizzy Coffee currently composts millions of pounds of spent coffee ground every year at a cost to the company. The company is seeking opportunities to upcycle this waste into a higher-value and more useful byproduct.

Reason for Seeking External Innovation Partnership:

This challenge surpasses in-house technical expertise. The Bizzy Coffee team is seeking different pathways for this constant waste stream that continues to grow each year as their cold brew business grows.

Scope of Solution Space:

In scope solution include value-added and sustainable uses for 100% of our spent coffee grounds. Logistical costs, drying, etc. cannot exceed revenue/benefit. Solutions that further enhance Bizzy’s sustainability emphasis are preferred.

Company Background:

Bizzy Coffee is the fastest growing manufacturer in the refrigerated cold brew coffee category. The company was founded in 2015 by best friends Alex French and Andrew Healy after being tired of paying $5 for a cup of coffee from a coffee shop. Today, Bizzy Coffee is sold in over 5k stores across the United States of America.