2019 Challenges

Roller Grill Foods

Schwan’s is seeking novel products that can be served from convenience store roller grills.

  • Acceptable solutions must tolerate up to 1 hour hold time on the roller grill, maintaining rollability and product quality including taste, appearance, mouthfeel, and texture.
  • Acceptable solutions include, but are not limited to, indulgent products or healthier items.

Plant Based Chees or Pepperoni

Schwan’s is seeking plant-based cheese and/or pepperoni that performs and functions close to current frozen pizzas.

Gamification Models for Farm Management Data

Syngenta seeks a partnership with someone that can help increase farmers interest/compliance in entering agronomic data into farm management software (FMS) tools through ‘gamification’.

Clean Field Business Model

The challenge would be to develop a new business model for companies like Syngenta to market a ‘clean field’ approach to farmers vs. the traditional price/acre.

Accelerated Moisture Equilibration in Dry Dough Systems

Schwan’s is seeking a technology that will enable accelerated moisture equilibration in dry dough systems.

Reduced Conversion Cost of Liquid Milk

Reduced conversion cost of liquid milk to dried milk powder.

Chip Integrity in Refrigerated Dairy Desserts

Edible chips/pieces/inclusions that maintain integrity in high-temperature and high-moisture refrigerated dairy dessert (such as pudding) manufacturing systems.

New Uses for Dairy By-Products

New uses for up to 1 billion pounds of dairy by-products annually year-on-year. Dairy by-products include nonfat liquid or dried equivalent of nonfat dry milk, liquid whey permeate or milk permeate or respective dried equivalent, condensed skim milk, concentrated buttermilk or buttermilk powder.

Plant-Based, Non-Allergenic Food Aid Product

Hormel Foods seeks a partnership to address non-allergenic, plant-based food protein product(s) to be used in underserved or nutrition-deficient communities and countries.

Personalized Protein Snack or Meal

Personalized protein snacks or meals [vending machine delivery]. Design a vending machine application to distribute personalized protein snacks or meals based on the identified needs of the consumer. 

On-Farm Cleaning Solution

Hormel and Jennie-O seek a partnership to address the challenges of effectively cleaning and disinfecting hard to clean materials and areas in the farming environment.

Bison and Regenerative Agriculture

Need 100% Grass-fed bison meat to support mission and business growth.

Stored Product Pest Detection

Looking for technology that can detect or predict the presence of stored product pests in food ingredients or their packaging prior to intake at food processing facilities.

Improving Traceability of Food Origin, Safety & Quality

Looking for offerings that turn input data from throughout the food supply chain into valuable insights for food retail and restaurants to improve:

  • Traceability of food/ingredients to source
  • Identification & management of causes of food safety and quality issues upstream in supply chain

Virtual Reality Financial Benchmarking

Compeer Financial seeks a partnership to help address meaningful solution for financial benchmarking. Financial benchmarking is done today with clients to varying degrees.