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Accelerating Protein Innovation:
Products, Practices and Processes

Register now for the 2021 Bold Open event which brings together forward looking Minnesota food and agriculture companies to propose protein innovation industry challenges in search of novel solutions from entrepreneurs, researchers and innovators from around the globe. If you are an innovator looking to take your idea to scale, join us July 21 and learn more about the 10 unique challenges and interact with participating companies during the virtual event. 

“Events such as these are incredibly valuable for sharing ideas, making connections and opportunities for collaboration.”

“There’s a lot of energy and a lot of space for varied solutions at all levels and different scales. Many of these would be applicable outside of MN or US so has a great value on many levels.”

“There is immense innovation in the region; and companies looking to move it forward.”

Novel Value Chain Approaches to Overcome Local Meat Processing Bottlenecks

Spoilage Sensing and Detection for Protein Products

Compeer Wants You to Grow and Win

Developing Protein Products Without the Use of Traditional Solvents

­­Reduce Feed Costs Through Utilization of Non-Traditional Protein Sources

Enteric Methane Reduction

Market Development Pathways for Winter Camelina

Effective Communication on “Why Dairy” Messaging for Millennial Parents and Gen Z Consumers

Beef Production Sustainability Resource Framework

New Uses for Oat Byproducts



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