Compeer 2021

Compeer Wants You to Grow and Win

Open Innovation Challenge:

Cost effective operational scaling solutions that speed small and medium sized protein producers through business growth. i.e- Meet the challenge of trying to grow from 500 head dairy to 2,000 head, with an eye in the future toward 3,ooo.

  • Examples:
    • Seasonal equipment and services sharing- nursery services, transportation, carcass disposal?
    • Unique ways to balance labor costs
    • Automation geared toward small/medium aspiring operations
    • Supply chain partnerships
    • Mentoring and networking-learn from the mistakes of the past
    • New thinking about processing infrastructure growth
    • Solutions that help sm/med dairy and pork producers monetize their environmental waste products and reuse profitable environmental waste as incremental revenue options.
    • Innovative, co-operative business technology platforms that enable rapid market access

Reason for Seeking External Innovation Partnership:

If an operation seeks to maintain its independent status, what new thinking can help keep them progressing profitably?

Scope of Solution Space:

Looking to connect unique, efficient, original innovations that scale protein operations and drives small and medium producers to achieve sensible growth goals and thrive in a world of rapid consolidation.

Solutions Not of Interest:

Point solutions or other individualized systems that don’t reduce time, labor cost and/or risk when scaling up a protein operation. We’re not looking for one-off ideas to iterate an operation upon, we seek whole systems approaches.

Company Background:

  • Compeer Financial is a member-owned, Farm Credit Service cooperative serving and supporting agriculture and rural communities.
  • 70,000+ member-owners
  • Loans, leases, risk management and other financial services
  • 144 counties in Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin.
  • 1300+ dedicated team members
  • $26 billion in loan and lease assets