Schwan’s 2

Eliminate Microwave Susceptors

Company Background
Schwan’s Company is a Minnesota-based business that manufactures and markets many popular brands including Red Baron®, Tony’s®, and Freschetta® pizzas, Mrs. Smith’s® and Edwards® desserts, and Pagoda® Asian-style snacks. 

Open Innovation Challenge
Schwan’s is seeking technologies to eliminate susceptors from frozen food products, such as microwaveable pizza.

Reason for Seeking External Innovation Partnership
Microwaving frozen pizza without a susceptor results in a soggy and tough crust. 

Scope of Solution Space

  • Acceptable solutions must have pronounceable, pantry friendly ingredients
  • Acceptable solutions may also include processing and packaging technologies, including reusable microwave heating trays

Innovation Solutions Not of Interest

  • Significantly increasing the fat content
  • Chemical sounding ingredients
  • Allergens not already inherent in the product
  • Increased single-use packaging materials

Proposal Response Date Deadline
August 28, 2020

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Contact Information
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We are driven to bring you delicious foods and reliable services. That’s how we grew from our humble beginnings as a dairy operating in rural Minnesota to becoming a leading provider of quality foods in the United States. Our commitment shows in all we do, from careful ingredient selection and quality food-making to a great experience wherever you shop and eat.