Field Theory 2021

Developing Protein Products Without the Use of Traditional Solvents

Open Innovation Challenge:

Field Theory is seeking assistance in identifying methods to achieve higher protein concentrations and improved sensory characteristics of their hemp products without the use of traditional solvents. 

Reason for Seeking External Innovation Partnership:

One of the bulk ingredients and CPG products that we offer is Hemp Protein Powder.  We sell these in concentrations up to 50% protein density. Currently this product is made using mechanical separation only. Higher protein concentrations above 50% (goal 80%+) are difficult to achieve mechanically without significant yield reduction. Most protein isolates use traditional solvents (Hexane / Ethanol) and/or related spray drying technologies.  These systems are expensive, require large scale to provide ROI and in many cases are undesirable for many natural product buyers who have solvent toxicity concerns.

Scope of Solution Space:

Hempseed press cake is the starting point.  It is green in color with a naturally occurring 28% protein level.  Field Theory is seeking ways to achieve protein concentrations of 80+% without traditional solvents.  In-Scope Objectives:

  • 80+% Protein Isolate
  • Light in color
  • Smooth Texture (not gritty)
  • Pleasant Taste (not bitter)
  • Additional Oil Recovery
  • No / Limited Solvents (think clean label / simple ingredients)

Solutions Not of Interest:

Technologies that rely upon traditional solvent technologies or are less cost-effective than traditional solvent technologies.

Technologies that are undesirable to natural products buyers.

Company Background:

Field Theory™ (Minnesota Hemp Farms, Inc) was founded in 2017 with a specialty focus on producing food grade hemp seed grain.

Since 2017 we have expanded into other specialty crops, direct trade growing contracts and retail products.  We focus on Regenerative Ag principles, Upcycled Foods and improved nutritionally dense foods having simple ingredients.

We now grow, process and market many specialty ingredients to large food brands across the USA.  We also have retail products which are marketed directly to consumers online and through traditional food/grocery distribution.